After-School Program

"Trading Skateboarding for Education"

We aim to teach the inner-city youth to value education through our after-school tutoring program; treating skateboarding as an academic sport, and incorporating artistic activities. In our program students are awarded points for completing a variety of academic assignments, and for good academic performance. The students accumulate points over time and are rewarded for their hard work with prizes and scholarships for events at various point milestones. Skate-4-Education allows kids to come after school to receive tutoring and practice skateboarding in our indoor skate area.

The main goal with the Skate-4-Education program is not only to reward kids with skating supplies so that they can continue skating, but to create an interest in education and to encourage them to pursue education beyond K-12.

The program is straight forward and easy to follow:

1)  come in and do your homework

2) have a mentor revize your homework

3) read for 20 minutes

4) write asummary of what you read and turn it in

5) Go skate, draw, and have fun!

Point Reward System

Points                                                                                                                                                 Rewards

3 points for Homework                                                                                                                     Garage T-Shirt    100 points

2 points for Reading                                                                                                             Scholarship for Event    300 points

3 points for A Test Scores (90% and above)                                                                     Garage Skateboard    500 points

10 points for 3.0 GPA Report Card                                                                  iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Laptop    5,000 points


(323) 266-5782

759 S Atlantic Blvd East Los Angeles CA United States 90022-3213


Mon-Thur & Sat    11am-8pm

Friday    11am-9pm

Sunday    12pm-7pm

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